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I walked over and patted her shoulder, she sat down, with the intimate tone of her sister, said: “how now, what wronged by?”

“Zheng Guangming He is not what rhetoric he then put me Piandao Shou, now kick me aside, let me go to return home, I told him five years, how he lost five years of compensation? Zou lawyers, You have to help me say ah! ”

I have not had time to speak up, the door opened behind the box, Zheng Zhuren rushed, with one of the alcohol: “What trouble you still here? Deliberately let me Xiabulaitai is not it?”

Xiao Meng began to cry loudly: “Zheng Guangming you too ruthless, you lied to me, cheated my feelings, and now you are tired, we should I kicked, I tell you, not so easy You better not let me, I will not let you happy, today I want all people to know you’re a womanizer rogue! “Then she rushed to the door.

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For a time, boxes and a woman, a little old, because a heap of money and emotional noisy and I live to play two high Zhanqi lawyer expertise, glib, it took barely half an hour to stabilize living situation. Xiao Meng promised to find another time and Zheng Zhuren settled this emotional account, Zheng Zhuren said let bygones be bygones, be sure to Xiaomeng reasonable explanation.

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optical fiber cable
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Fiber Optic Transceiver
10G Cable
cisco cable
Direct-attached cable
optical module
qsfp module
SFP Cable
SFP+ Cable
SFP+ Twinax cable
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optic fiber
cable fiber
optic fiber cable
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optical fiber cable
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fiber cable
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Fiber Optic Transceiver
10g module
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qsfp module
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x2 module
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10g module
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qsfp module
sfp module
cable fiber optic
optic fiber
cable fiber
optic fiber cable
optical fiber
optical fiber cable
fiber optic cable
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cables fiber
Fiber Optic Transceiver
10g module
fiber optic module
gbic module
sfp transceiver
x2 module
optical module
qsfp module
xfp module
cx4 cable
SFP BIDI transceiver
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X2 DWDM transceiver
ENPAK DWDM transceiver
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8088 TO 8470 CABLE
SFF-8088 TO SFF-8470 CABLE
OC3/STM-1 SFP optical transceiver
OC3/STM-1 SFP transceiver
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