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"The darling of the space, and is not a lie." With the third in the body, the kill family member and, LuoFeng naturally know the family's secret method of death talent. Talent arcane-copy! beats headphones In the life forms, the kill race and human, golden horn behemoths are completely different "human and golden horn behemoths is at least of the flesh and blood of life. But the family of slain as" energy of life ", it even yudu no soul! Accurate said...... beats by dre solo price that "life" is the soul of crystal, is also its energy source! So. The family of slain not afraid, black beats solo hd controltalk spirit against "' also unable to lash out with a psychic force attack, don't say control things....... So the kill race...... all is walk practitioners flow! fl studio colorware chrome blue And" talent arcane copy "is to make the" magic kill people, can copy target "life breath, soul breath" and "they itself can free deformation, and once through this talent arcane further copying each other's soul breath, so is immortal exist...... Unless with psychic force drill into it in the body is like a find out, studio apple green beats by dre or from the appearance, induction breath, can now the kill family disguise. This is not disguise. But copy! Talent arcane one copy! You can't imagine, you are very familiar drowned him, and in fact have become the family of slain killer. beats monster purple justbeats ibeats This seemingly simple talent arcane, but let the family of slain, "into the whole universe terrible assassination!!! They can become any ethnic group a life shape, can disguise out any life breath. Of course, if the other party soul breath a began to suspect that, psychic force drill into the body is like a naturally in.........." The darling of the space. "" good strange. LuoFeng feel the kill family member and can dull feel the space around the strands of volatility. And the earth person body, golden horn behemoths, is simply can't feel. "The absolute space"!" LuoFeng flung open cast body, at the same time, he is like a body in the star has, distillations, a the cut of the black crystal nucleus and microThe rotation of the complex surface 'golden secret grain is faint fluctuation, seem to respond to the space movements. Brush! See Mars this desert the ground, instant appeared two LuoFeng, and then gradually appeared...... Three LuoFeng, four LuoFeng, five LuoFeng! Brush LuoFeng stop. "Too strange, too strange. The family of slain his flight dodge too lightly, just, just...... so incredible."

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