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In new network Great Harmony on May 8 report (Song Lichao) deploy commanding is united in the Ministry of Public Security " 4 · 20 " in the operation that hits crime of information of individual of enroach on citizen,Baby Carrier Ergo shanxi police also is lifted in this province detect storm, company of a batch of illegal investigation, demand repayment the company is demolished, "Private detective " also was opened mysterious veil. Arrived 8 days on May 7, the reporter visits public security bureau of Taiyuan city, Great Harmony city, understand each real case. Police expresses, the information of individual of buy in and sell at a profit that harms the throughout the country " fountainhead " , it is a country mostly mechanism, enterprise or business the unit personnel that contacts citizen individual information. 37 people are caught details of a case is shockingOn April 20, the Ministry of Public Security make fall, mechanism of public security of city of area of 20 many provinces unites the whole nation " control a network " . In Shanxi, the medium, public security body that copies 6 city such as city of Fen, carry, Great Harmony, Lv Liang joined Taiyuan, advance this second action, policemens are hanging each " investigation company " " public relations company " the shelter feature that waits for high-sounding name demolishs. The data that comes from Shanxi to save a Public Security Department shows, in acting this, detect information of enroach on citizen to violate guilty case 15 casesbaby ergo sale in all, hunt down guilty suspect 37, destroy be investigated illegally and demand repayment company 14. Although people is already right " harass a telephone call " " rubbish short message " detest, but when should knowing among them true condition, still make a person shocking. Census register information, car information, communicate the record is waited a moment, people does not know, the information that these are considered as to reach its privacy is issued at the day by exposure already not only, and be regarded as to make money by illegal element the tool will have buy in and sell at a profit. More very person, pass a mobile phone to locate, person of have ulterior motives can know you have been to what place in some day. The bulletin of details of a case that holds in Taiyuan city public security bureau is met on, short message group hair implement, the professional tool such as camera Ergo Baby Carriers Saleof appearance of car fixed position, pinhole is very conspicuous. Want to pay only, almost all citizen individual information can get. In police capture " priviate dective " on calling card, clear tagging is worn " debt Qing Dynasty is owed, track investigation, marriage investigation, search a person to find thing, before appealing to, obtain evidence, business affairs is investigated " wait for business, what its chain develops is comprehensive and visible one spot. The lid that comes from Taiyuan city is such-and-such, because suspect the wife is off the rails, ever had undertaken dogging investigating. Do not think after this " infatuation " went up to work this,ergo sale hold water " investigate detective place " , buy professional tool, pursue extramarital affair investigation technically. such-and-such, Chang Mou two crime gang, opened " advisory company " " investigation company " wait for 9 companies, be engaged in dogging the activity such as information of individual of citizen of fixed position of investigation, news, buying and selling, gain profit illegally 220 thousand yuan. 150 can check a familyIn public security bureau of Great Harmony city, the policeman revealed those who hunt down all sorts of data. Census register information, car information, industrial and commercial register information have everything that one expects to find. Police personage says, the good with these information different basises gets way with what differ, collect fees endless also and identical. "A such values how many money? " the reporter notices a detailed census register data, above rate of height, literacy, marriage is denied,baby carriers sale what doorplate date waits information a moment to be recorded is as clear as day. "150 are controlled. General the census register that this price can check a family even is detailed information. " the policeman tells a reporter. In the meantime, handle a case the policeman still says, record of credit of record of such as traffic, bank, industrial and commercial register information these are cheaper, and contain base the station codes communicate the record is more expensive, want to sell 6000 yuan. "Because pass base station encode and satellitic map, can undertake person locates. " handle a case the policeman says so. As we have learned, these methods still were used to be in by illegal element side person demands repayment on: They wait for side creditor to search through information of fixed position, individual be in debt person, success hind will obtain deduct a percentage from a sum of money of among them high specified number. "Fountainhead " it is in-house personage morePolice analysis, inside this more complete chain, produced data of news source, network to survey client of company, demand platform, illegally 4 administrative levels. Illegal element is opened " investigation company " solicit the person that has demand, the information platform that goes Louis Vuitton bag Outletup through the network next buys relevant information, again buy in and sell at a profit gives " client " , seek profit with this. "In these 4 administrative levels inside, ' fountainhead ' having crucial effect, because be they get citizen individual information illegally through a few ways, next repass network platform sells illegal investigation the company. " policeman introduction. The reporter notices, in the guilty suspect that arrests in Shanxi police, have a lot of people ever hold post at can contacting the unit of citizen individual information: The Qiao Mou of Taiyuan city, ever was employee of branch of city of Chinese UniCom Taiyuan, move illegally 12 times early or late go UniCom user word is single; Guilty suspect Zhang Mou, Han Mou, hitting home some is famous website " advisory " name. In detachment of detect of punishment of public security bureau,louis vuitton outlet store the policeman reveals a piece to communicate to record sheet and tell a reporter, word sheet is rear " base the station codes " Everyman is not checked at all. And code through these, recycle satellite map, can will communicate the person undertakes roughly fixed position. "That is to say, carry these code, you once had been to what place in a day, probably the position can know. This gives staking, dog, blackmail offerred great advantage. " handle a case the policeman says. As we have learned, these " fountainhead " and " detective " people assemble is in or a few networks communicate platform, through " detective " ask and book, fountainhead people the method that can use oneself gets information, sell inside short time " detective " , next " detective " again change hands sells those who have demand " client " . Police expresses, these communication platform are seen more by southern region commonly, inside assemble come from countrywide each district " fountainhead " and " detective " people.Louis Vuitton Outlet Accuse inside lax need to strengthen be on guardCurrent, citizen individual information reveals seize any opportunity, the flying airline ticket that real name makes, train ticket, mobile phone number is dealt with, bank card, member gets stuck, check-up, consumption, etc, each appearance asks we provide the citizen individual information of full and accurate. At this point, dailaiwei expresses deputy director general of Taiyuan city public security bureau, citizen individual information by use a phenomenon filch, buy in and sell at a profit, illegally to grow in intensity, wait for violent crime to telegraphic bilk, kidnap, blackmail from unending rubbish short message, the means by no means an isolated case that citizen individual information is encroached, shocking. "After this, public security mechanism will keep severe to this kind of crime make high-pressured state, safeguard safety of citizen individual information and people stoutly legal interest. " Dailaiwei says. Shanxi saves a Public Security Department to express about chief, while aggrandizement is hit, public security mechanism will cooperate to begin fountainhead processing about the branch,Louis Vuitton Factory Outlet jam superintendency flaw, perfect inside information safety. Also warn a citizen at the same time, want to enhance individual information to protect consciousness, not credulous or carry individual message supply to have nothing to do easily personnel; Discover what individual information is divulged and cause serious consequence, want to report a case to the security authorities in time to public security mechanism. (Be over)(Article origin: Chinese news network)jingruitt

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