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12.03.2008 18:25 | пишет Гость | ссылка

Ню-ню по таким ценам это просто огромные объёмы.

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Вот откаты ты то там....мммммммммммммм.... как сам есть коммерс - знаю, как это сладко))))

08.04.2008 18:47 | пишет Jack | ссылка

Какая-то полнейшая хрень.

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Obviously, if Griffey doesn’t start producing, and Nike lebron james 9 south beach soon, Wakamatsu will have to start looking seriously at alternatives (as I’m sure he already is). But remember: from the day he re-signed, Griffey made it clear he would accept a reduced role. Last year, as I said in the column, he didn’t gripe when he didn’t play center lebron james 9 south beach field, or play the field at all. And he didn’t gripe when he moved into a platoon at DH. And I think he would gracefully accept a transition into being a part-time player — a spot starter and pinch-hitter — if it comes to that.

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